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Tiring/Fun Weekend

I am having a tiring day today! I did the laundry, cause I had to.....and Kea was in her room playing loud music all day...but I really know that she is "Trying" to dance. I also was cleaning my closet...cause it is messy!

Well today I found out that I might not be able to go to Brandon's go-away trip on wednesday. I have to be somewhere else. DAmN iT! Well "Life is a Bitch!" so get used to it!

I have also been making Kellie "my lover" lol to guess my secret crush. It is really simple really if she listen more to the clues I give her. Well I can't tell her cause it's werid, but I guess she will have to know sooner or later.

My weekend was amazing so far. Yesterday I went to watch "Bourne Supremacy" and I saw Sarah and her friend Rachel at the Janns Mall. We went to shoe pavillion to look at their dandal sale, but Rachel kept on trying on boots, it was fun stuff. We later on went to the Verizon store to look at phone covers...but Rachel kept on throwing chocolate at me. guys owe me for meeting those guys that you thought was cute at the store. And later on that day I met Kellie and Alana (Panda Bear!) lol

Well I g2g to bed. I have freaking school tommorow! later dudes and dudettes!
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