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Summer School Annoyingness!

OMG...Am I tired of Summer School or what? Jeeez! I have got the most retarted people in my class like no other...first of, there is this ADHD child that sits next to me named Trevor, and he bugs the living God out of me! (And when I say he has ADHD, I mean, he has ADHD! Really!) He freaking asks 1,000,000 questions a day. I told him once to take his medication pills that settles him down twice as much before he goes to class. He even told me that he tried to kill himself once by placing a toaster on the bath tub while he was on it, he told me it does not work, so I told him to use a hair dryer, and make sure that it was plugged in! lol! I also have this weird chick named Matea and she is short and weird and randomly yells out w/o reasons. Okay, she has this writing in her TOHS Dance Sweatshirt, and she tells me that it was in Japanese...and i told her...ummmmm, NO! That is not in Japanese and it looked like (RYU) and she was all arguing about it! I told her that I would know, cause duh! I am Japanese! I also have cool people in my class. The Pacitto Twins! I Love you guys dearly! ad Pau-Pau you are my hero, and may I take your oreder plese? lol Kaiyla I know I don't know you, but you are a funny kid, who wears weird uncomfortable shoes! Corina how are them posters doing? lol! And AUSTIN! my man! Le's not give up on that pinoy dream you got there! lol!

I miss my first semester one class. They are the coolest ever! Except for certain peoples such as Emo, who I solemnly hate! I miss you Allie! lol I like your new hair-do as well! And Justin, bro! keep it coming.... and Arky, stay jewish for me! Jeff you are an idiot who I really hate! j/k j/k we had good times! and Emo...find a weapon and be creative!

I am done! And was better than last week! My legs are still hurting, but it paid it off. I like the positioning she gave us. It was cool! Late guys!
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