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Friday Madness!

I loved today! Today was a marvelous and easy day! Mr. Park (My summer school teacher) was not a jerk today, I am so happy about that! I am also in the process of making my poster/flyers for Corina for her little prank thing. It is looking good I tell you!

I just came back from Woman's Chorale dance rehearsal today, and it was amazing. I am really excited about this song we are doing "Celebrate!" We learned a couple of new routines it was awesome, I thought!

Well today, I had a nice conversaton with two of my closest friends Kellie and Sarah S. They are awesome! They listened to me when I really needed someone to listen to me. I also listened to them when they shared their life problems. I am really blessed to have awesome friendships with people! I am thankful that I am good friends with Brandon LaCroix! I would not know what to do without him! Thank you guys!

OMG...I went to Kellie's house today and watched some of the old choir videos. I watched the one where Paul Rose was in freshman chorus. It was the funnniest thing. He looked and sounded waaaayyyy WAY Different! I am excited about the coming year. It will be great to have the chance to work with people such as Matt Walker and Dean they are the coolest people, and they are really funny! Well I g2g watch "Catwoman!" late guys!
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