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Ken's WHS Drama

The things that happens at school, at my point of view!

Ken Sugimoto
20 October
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I am a cool person, once you really "REALLY" get to know me. At first it would seem like I am an a**hole, but I am truly really caring, funny, and sweet person. I am very picky with friends, because I don't only look for the ones I can be friends with for "High School" but rather a freind who would last forever. I am funny at times, but very seldom infront of people who don't like me *duh!* but even so, I am pretty funny at times and people like to make fun of me, but I play along with them only because I am cool like that! And for those who don't know, I am in the top choir at WHS, and I enjoy every minuite of it! I love to sing and dance with my fellow friends making great and AWESOME! shows together! I also like computers and that is why I am in WIT (Westlake Information Technology)Academy. You should all join it! It looks good in your resume!