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Bourne Supremacy!

Today was a great day! I woke up being at my friend Brandon's house, and I had a nice game of "Super Smash Brother's : Meele" it was fun! Afterwards I went to the movies with my "lover" Kellie! lol and we watched Bourne Supremacy with Alana....that movie is amazing, it realy did explain a lot from the first sequal "Bourne Identity" it was amazing! I want to watch Napoleon Dynamite, cause I herad it was okay...

Well...someone asked me to hack someone's computer for them, but instead I gave them a program that could help. I was truly happy to be back home today! I missed my computer, my bed, my family, and my fridge.

Well....I g2g and think of a place to go for my friend Brandon's b-day! later!
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i feel sorry for you so im posting sumthin....ask kellie porto out!
Screw you kea!